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Our Services

Best Service with atmost customer satisfaction

Our motto of "Best Quality Service" has always kept us in the forefront and the pioneer among other manpower recruitment offices in Qatar. What ever you need let it be a housemaid or a doctorate holder from anywhere in the world, we would be at your service. Just speak with our staff or sent us an email about youre requirement, our customer service represetative would speak with you over telephone or in person as you wish.

We would find out your exact requirement and once we finalise other details like salary, accommodation, transportation, overtime etc for the hiring candidate, we would forward you biodatas of the most qualified candidate who fits in to your requirement exactly. .

Customer satisfaction

Aljazeera International Manpower evaluates itself not by the amount of candidates supplied by it, but by the customers who were satisfied by our quality candidates supplied through us.

We don't just boast about customer satisfaction and guarantee each candidate supplied by our office for a period of 3 months from the date of him/her at the service of our customers. If the customer is not satisfied by the candidate/employee hired thourgh us during the 3 months, they can return the candidate to us. We would return back the full money accepted as commission from the customer.

Since our office was started way back a decade ago, we were fortunate to serve different types of customers looking out for their ideal employee. We have vast experience in recruitment through our experienced staffs some of them who were in this field of recruitment for so many decades.